2023 Summer Must Haves

2023 Summer Must Haves

Guys.. Summer is HERE! The sun is starting to shine, the temperature is rising and  we can already taste the refreshing Margis on our lips. We're ditching the jumpers and trackies for mini tops and shorts, swapping the blacks and greys for pinks and peaches, and we are heading to the beach to show it all off.

With this new wardrobe change we have got you covered. 

girl sat poolside, smiling in a yellow yoga set girl in one shoulder light blur crop top


1. The Rosie One Shoulder Bra

Picture this.. the sun is shining through the windows, the birds are chirping and you wake early on this beautiful summers day. You have your favourite yoga class booked so throw on your Rosie One Shoulder Bra, paired with the Issey High Waist Leggings, and grab your mat. In the afternoon you have brunch plans with the girls, so you pair the same bra with light wide leg jeans and catch up on all the goss while sipping on your iced matcha. The day heats up and your soul craves a dip in the salty sea, you run down to the shore in your Rosie Bra and bikini bottoms, and dive in head first. After hours of the sun kissing you head to toe, a golden glow flushes over the skin, you can taste the Margaritas. You check your phone and the girls are already at the Beach Bar, and you are not about to miss this night. With wide leg trousers and the Rosie Bra, you steal the show, compliment flooding in and you say "oh this old thing?" knowing full well you have worn that all day to yoga and brunch, in the sea and now out for drinks. But don't worry, your secret is safe with us.


girl doing a yoga pose in a matching yellow yoga set, shadows over the body


2. Becky Booty Shorts

Keep cool by swopping the leggings for mini shorts, these are hottest pants for your hot girl walks. Soft and buttery material, sweat and UV Proof (a must for the summer months). Perfect for in the studio, outdoor exercise in the sun or even paired with some trainers and a cute summer crop, you've got yourself a sweet outfit. 



3. Freya V Back Bra 

YES you can wear this one as a bikini top! Our material is great for the sea swims or the pool dips, its quick drying and maintains the same compression qualities after being wet (just make sure you rinse her out well after each use!). The Freya bra has the most beautiful, dainty straps so the tan lines won't be any different from your bikinis!




I am yet to put on this set and not have someone complement me! This one is a winner if you want a little confidence boost. Our flower power pattern is unique and eye catching, not just in the yoga studio but out on the street too! Don't shy away from the patterns ladies!


Help Save Our Oceans!

All our garments are made from repurposed fishing nets and plastic bottles. So with each purchase you are reducing the plastic within the oceans, helping to save the oceanic environment and the wildlife living in it.


You can grab any of these items from our store, but be quick! Because we're not restocking any of these items until next year! GO GO GO! Get some summer vibes ON.

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